Namunyak (not her real name) is a young Maasai girl who was born in Kisiriri village in Narok County. She was rescued in 2015 by AIC Siyiapei rescue home following the divorce of her parents that left her homeless at the age of five. Her case was reported to the rescue home by a local church pastor who noticed that Namunyak was not going to school and instead walked from house to house in the village begging for food. She was malnourished and her health had drastically deteriorated.

After the social worker from AIC Siyiapei rescue home visited Namunyak and did a case assessment, the rescue committee unanimously agreed that Namunyak be rescued and committed to AIC Siyiapei rescue home for care and protection. Initially, Namunyak was placed under the Siyiapei Street Families Rehabilitation Program (SFRP) before being transferred to the rescue program in 2017. She was also enrolled in grade one at Siyiapei Primary School as she underwent rehabilitation.

After joining school, the social worker noted that Namunyak was a very bright child. The care and protection she received from AIC Siyiapei children’s home enabled her to perform exemplary well in her studies. When she was rescued, she would only speak her local dialect but after studying for two years in primary school she quickly started learning how to speak English and Kiswahili. During play time she would try to speak broken English to entertain her age mates at the rescue home.

In 2018, through the networking efforts by staffs from AIC Siyiapei rescue home, the little Namunyak was chosen to present flowers to the chief guest during a graduation ceremony at Maasai Mara University. During the presentation of the flowers Namunyak seized the opportunity to introduce herself to the chief guest, the Deputy President of the republic of Kenya. During her introduction she mentioned that she was from AIC Siyiapei rescue home.

The chief guest was impressed by Namunyak’s personality and promised to pay for her education until she completes school. When the chief guest learned that Namunyak goes to Siyiapei Primary School which is a public school, he asked the staff from AIC Siyiapei rescue home to find a private boarding primary school in Narok County and send him the fee structure and all the boarding school requirements.
Namunyak was able to join grade four at Narok Harmony School in 2018 after the chief guest paid a total of Ksh 130,000/= as fee for the whole year and also bought all her boarding requirement costing Ksh 36,000/=. Currently Namunyak is in grade six and the Deputy President continues to support her education. Namunyak is a lucky girl just as her name means in Maasai language. Since joining her new school, she has always been a top performer.

Her hobbies include reading story books, memorizing bible verses, playing hide and seek and swinging. Her dream is to finish her education and become a doctor. Namunyak is grateful for the opportunity she received by being rescued and admitted to AIC Siyiapei Rescue home. She looks forward to achieving her dream and helping other vulnerable children in her community.