Lobby & Advocacy Project in Homabay County

Lobby & Advocacy Project in Homabay County

Lobby and Advocacy is always mainstreamed in all AICCAD’s programs and currently the organization has partnered with ICCO cooperation for one year in a Lobby and Advocacy consortium funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).’ The consortium objective is to ensure that civil society contribute to decreasing inequality and injustice in societies in order to create the conditions for just economic, social and political development . AICCAD‘s mandate is to mobilize other Civil societies in Homabay County to address the gaps in political space, the right to adequate and nutritious food to children, small holder farmers’ participation in value chains and their increased access to inclusive markets in Homabay County. AICCAD underscores the fact that with the right policies in place and a constant follows up with duty bearers to see that the policies are implemented; the citizens will get their entitlement as enshrined in the constitution and ultimately have improved lives.

The one-year advocacy project will go a long way in supporting the other development initiatives in Homabay County. When Civil Society Organizations are empowered to raise their voice , they shall be able to conduct Social accountability of the undertakings by the duty bearers to foster transparency, timeliness and to promote public participation thereby promoting ownership.

The CEA project is implemented in all the sub counties of Homabay County among them;
1. Suba South Sub county
2. Suba North Sub county
3. Homabay Town Sub County
4. Rangwe Sub County
5. Ndhiwa Sub County
6. Rachuonyo South Sub County
7. Rachuonyo North Sub county
8. Rachuonyo Central Sub county

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