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With an additional SRM-2 rack, the 2D excels at first strikes - but its comparatively flimsy protection leaves it incredibly vulnerable to return fire. As a fast strike 'Mech, Wolverine 6R is a reasonable choice. In Clan Coyote and Clan Hell’s Horses, commanders of a Nova have the rank Nova commander, which is one rank higher than Star commander; and commanders of a Super nova have the rank Nova captain, which one rank higher than Star captain. Clan Wolf-in-Exile provided a strong defense for the newly-formed Arc Royal Defense Cordon against future Clan Jade Falcon incursions, most notably fighting alongside Victor-loyal Lyran Alliance troops during the FedCom Civil War. Remaining in motion is still the Locust's best defense. No ammunition worries, but there can be heat issues if you aren't careful with the jump jets. The last remenants of the Nova Cats were became the Spirit Cats, which founded the Clan Protectorate in Free Worlds League. Coyote is renowned for having the most rigorous training program of all Clans, aside from the fanatical Blood Spirits. The Federated Suns sometimes field whole lances of Javelins, but more often you'll see them used as ambushers or to deal finishing strikes to enemies with exposed systems. lot Alpha Strike qual & maps . After watching Ash play some Alpha Strike on GMG and how great these minis look painted up I'm definitely tempted. Each clan has one of each of the following: Classic BattleTech Historicals: Operation Klondike. Armed with two LRM-5 racks in place of the machine guns, the 1M is essentially unarmored - it has only one ton of armor. Since the lowest MechWarriors are Point commanders, they have the title of MechWarrior instead of Point commander even though they have a Point commander rank. Though generally on the slow side, heavy 'Mechs form the core of any large-scale battle mission and can still perform specialized roles. http://www.classicbattletech.com/index.php?action=text&page=The_Clans, BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception, https://battletech.fandom.com/wiki/Clans_(BattleTech)?oldid=7200, 4-5 Binaries, Trinaries and/or Super Novas, Commands a section or a work crew on a vessel, An executive officer or a department head on a vessel, Equivalent to a Star Colonel, commands a squadron of dropships or jumpships, or a single warship, Equivalent to a Galaxy Commander, commands either a major warship, or a star of warships. The Cicada 2A was designed as a Medium 'Mech capable of the mobility of Light 'Mechs such as the Spider and Locust. The Grand kurultai then internally elects a Khan to become the ilKhan who serves as an arbiter between Clans during the time of crisis, acting with the power of the Grand Council. The Hatchetman's lighter armor requires it to rely on maneuvering and ambushing to stay in the fight. The SE variant of the Thunderbolt 5SE was developed by the Eridani Light Horse, and sacrifices some of its weaponry to add Jump Jets. With their Absorption of the Burrocks, they gained an incredible boon as other Clans were falling in size and stature. ... MechWarrior and Battletech are registered trade-marks of Microsoft Corporation and are used under license. Two Medium Lasers give it moderate attack power, but its real advantage is in its mobility. Few Assault 'Mechs mount Jump Jets, but the Victor 9B is one of them. However, thanks to one of his final acts as ilKhan, Ulric Kerensky created a new Bloodname Kell. The BattleTech: Clan Invasion box set includes five iconic OmniMechs - the Timber Wolf, Executioner, Nova, Adder, and Mongrel. There, the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar and the defeat of the Clans in the Great Refusal ended the invasion. Hatchetman 3F's are the king of the close quarters fight. The armament is decent, with an AC/5 for longer range attacks, and an SRM-6 and Medium Laser for closer-in attacks. They are fiercely devoted to Clan Wolf. After suffering defeat and being forced to relinquish control of several Clan Coyote held worlds, the Star Adders have sworn a Blood Debt against them. Inventors of the OmniMech (among other things), Coyote scientists are renowned for their brilliance. The Griffin 4N is an old Star League model that was among the most versatile 'Mechs in its heyday. After the Clan defeat on Tukkayid, offensive attacks on the Inner Sphere stopped for 15 years. Battletech Clan Invasion Elementals. BattleTech came with a rulebook (with a proper cover) with gaming and 'Mech construction rules. Clan Smoke Jaguar is easily the most violent and aggressive of all the Clans. In the BattleTech universe, Clans are fictional peoples.[1]. The Centurion AL refit aims to reduce the original CN9-L's dependency on ammo supplies. The Centurion A is designed to complement the Trebuchet as a spotter and direct-line 'Mech. Armed with two LRM-15 racks and four Medium Lasers, it is also one of the few Heavy 'Mechs equipped with Jump Jets. However this includes the complete destruction of enitre Inner Sphere military, and the Vipers would lead the new Star League as the ilClan. Mass rather than volume is the limiting factor. With an Initiative of 2, heavy 'Mechs take action near the end of a round. Crab 27s fulfill an oft overlooked role, that of a skirmisher with firepower. Good for scouting and spotting for heavier units, their maneuverability also allows them to perform surprise strikes and flanking movements with ease. The JVN-10F 'Fire Javelin' packs four medium lasers on a 30-ton chassis. A perplexing Clan that is overall considered Warden, but is home to some of the staunchest Crusaders and anti-freeborn warriors in the Clans. The Grasshopper 5H was designed as a dedicated Light and Medium 'Mech hunter. Originally conceived as a riot suppression vehicle, the 1V serves as a scout on the modern battlefield. It was not long before … Clan Nova Cat (Nova Cat), Clan Diamond Shark (Sea Fox ), Clan Blood Spirit (Kit Fox), Clan Burrock (Executioner), Clan … Many hoped Aleksandr Kerensky, Commanding General of the SLDF, would take the throne, but the war-weary general refused. Although they lost a Trial of Refusal against the motion to invade the Inner Sphere, they participated in it nonetheless and soon outdid all other Clans in seizing more worlds and at a faster pace than any other Clan. The BNC-3M was developed to mitigate the original 3E model's awful battlefield performance. Steel Vipers held a belief that the Star League will be re-established through cooperation with the Great Houses. As a result of this war, the Wolves were split into two factions, the Crusader Wolves led by Vlad Ward and the Warden Wolves led, into self-imposed exile, by Phelan Kell. The Burrock Absorption was interrupted by an unexpected invasion by the enraged Blood Spirits, resulting in severe casualties to all three Clans involved. Clan Wolf-in-Exile settled on Phelan's original homeworld of Arc-Royal where his father, Morgan Kell, was the Grand Duke. Roar of Honor: Blaine Lee Pardoe: October 1999 ISBN 0-451-45761-7 Point 1 is the most superior of the Points and hence the Point Commander of Point 1 is usually the Star Commander. Its Jump Jets and decent armor allow it to threaten from close or long range. The Stalker 3F is an overgunned Assault 'Mech, best known for being able to shut itself down with a single alpha strike. The first act of the Khan is to select a saKhan (junior Khan) from amongst the clan council members. a warrior who pilots a vehicle will be called ‘crewman’, and aerospace pilot will be called ‘pilot’ and so-on (for example, MechWarrior Aidan). Fast & Free shipping on many items! They were eventually forced out of the Inner Sphere altogether by the Jade Falcons. The Kindraas are: Kindraa Sainze, Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga, Kindraa Payne-Beyl-Grant, Kindraa Mattila-Carrol and Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline. Nearly destroyed twice by civil war, the Clan has never been as unified as their brothers. During the Clan invasion from the years 3050 to 3052, the Smoke Jaguars suffered from instances of insurrection in their rear areas. During the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty, the Ghost Bears abandoned their Crusader beliefs and embraced the Warden Faction, leading them out of the Trial of Refusal being waged by the Inner Sphere. While almost as quick as the Spider and Locust, the Jenner is much more heavily armed, with four Medium Lasers and an SRM-4 rack. Wielding strong energy weapons, the Crab delivers a punch at nearly all ranges, with no ammunition constraints, the blend of firepower, heat efficiency, and speed make the Crab the perfect 'Mech to raid enemy positions. The Minnesota Tribe is a semi-mythical entity that may be the remnants of the Annihilated Clan Wolverine that raid sites in the Inner Sphere for necessities. Founded by Stephen McKenna (a distant relative of the famous James McKenna who hailed from the Terran Hegemony), the Snow Ravens are a complicated Clan that have taken a unique path due to several catastrophes in their early history. The background fictional story of the Clans begins with the build-up to the 1st Succession War. The UrbanMech R60 was designed for exactly what the name implies: combat in dense urban areas. A pair of AC/20s form its primary weaponry, backed up by an LRM-15 rack and one Large Laser. This also left the Bloodnames of Clan Mongoose in the hands of Clan Cloud Cobra, although insufficient records have prevented the exact identification of Clan Mongoose legacies to the present day. 'MECH COUNT: 5. During the Jihad the Wolves leapt across Jade Falcon borders to assist worlds under attack. $175.00. Closer enemies are handled by a pair of Medium Lasers. In MechWarrior 4, few other 'Mechs can carry equal firepower. They were successful, and a final battle on the Clan capital world of Strana Mechty halted the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere permanently. The Jade Falcons beat the Com Guards during the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty and then pushed the Steel Vipers out of their Occupation Zone; after that, they seized (and lost) several more Lyran worlds during the FedCom Civil War. No longer in existence. A MechWarrior series novel - Set on a snowy backwater planet where raiders have discovered that a cache of Clan second line mechs remains hidden. Few 'Mechs can match the ubiquity of the Griffin 1N. This caused the Nova Cats to heed a new vision that encouraged them to join with the Draconis Combine and the Inner Sphere against the Smoke Jaguars. With an Initiative of 4, light 'Mechs take action first in a round. The two parties form an irregular BattleMech force to remove the Clans from the Star's End system. A word to the wise: Don't scrap, ever. The Jenner D is both a scout and a fast harasser. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. Started by Mechalomania, ... most clan mechs fielded are used by limited amount of people, and are fixed using salvaged mech parts from other clan mechs. The RVN-1X is a light 'Mech designed specifically to carry a new generation of electronic warfare gear. The Cataphract has heavy armor and heavier guns, mounting an AC/10, PPC, and 4 Medium Lasers. The Smoke Jaguar home world of Huntress was also successfully attacked, and the Smoke Jaguars are now a dead clan. The Warden faction of Clan Wolf was led into the Inner Sphere by then-saKhan Phelan Ward during the Refusal War with Clan Jade Falcon. It is capable as a hit-and-run combatant, able to engage from long range thanks to its Large Laser, AC/5 and LRM-15. And of course, it still has the jump capability it's always been known for. The Nova Cats were later annihilated by the Draconis Combine, when they revolted against the new Coordinator. I've always enjoyed the Mechwarrior/Mech Commander video games and think the Battletech universe is pretty cool, but was always able to write off the TT version because the game did not look appealing to me. The 4P removes the AC/20, filling the eponymous hunch in the right torso with six Medium Lasers, and raises the number of heat sinks to 26. By removing the LRM-10, two additional Medium Lasers and four additional heat sinks could be mounted. One of the smallest of Clans; isolationist for the most part. The Star League Defense Force succeeded in overthrowing Stefan Amaris in the Star League Civil War, but their victory was bittersweet: House Cameron had been wiped out, and with it a clear successor to the position of First Lord of the Star League. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. They are, however, not as brash and headstrong as Clan Jade Falcon; they are quicker to battle, but are also quicker to think before acting. This volume features some of the most common 'Mechs from the Clan Invasion and Civil War Eras, each illustrated in detail and accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, and game stats, along with their most famous pilots. Coyote is influential in the Grand Council. All buildings belonging to the Wolverines were destroyed, warriors (of any clan) with Wolverine DNA were executed, and Wolverine civilians were forcibly sterilized. "By this point I'm convinced 100% that every single race in the 40k universe have somehow tapped into the ork ability to just have their tech work because they think it should." Coyote Mech pilots ritually drink Coyote Blood before a battle. You gain a lot more money by selling spares, especially in friendly systems. While the Star Adders espouse a Crusader philosophy, they stress the need for inter-Clan cooperation and a tolerant attitude for freeborns that is more commonly found among Warden clans. The Clan Wolverine insignia has also been sighted on the raiding group's 'Mechs. Four additional heat sinks help the 1S manage heat. Armed with a Small Laser and an AC/10, the R60 is a deadly opponent against similarly-sized 'Mechs - if it can get close enough to fight them. During their Trial of Refusal against the Absorption, the Widowmaker Khan slew ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky, which lead to a grueling trial of Absorption that spelled the end of the Widowmakers. It is rumored that Clan Sea Fox has a relationship with the Minnesota Tribe. It removes the AC/10, replacing it with a PPC and seven additional heat sinks to compensate for the increased energy load. Kerensky's own nephew foretold of this at the first Grand Council five years after the great Exodus. They Annihilated the Wolverines, Absorbed the Widowmakers, and proved themselves expert warriors. The Jade Wolves later changed their name by dropping the "Jade" part and simply going by "Wolf", effectively usurping the name of the original or pre-Refusal War Clan Wolf. The Jade Falcons participated in the initial invasion and seized many Lyran worlds from the Federated Commonwealth. They participated in the invasion force, shared the Jade Falcon's invasion corridor, and were defeated on Tukayyid. The Wolverines, who had apparently been preparing for a third Exodus for some time, attempted to escape from clan space altogether, while the Wolves pursued. shipping: + $15.05 shipping . Absorbed by Clan Smoke Jaguar for attempting to use their words of Nicholas Kerensky to sidestep a Grand Council ruling that ran against them and to justify their actions and defend actions considered by their fellow Clans to be "un-clanlike" Being then deemed unfit to rule, by the Grand Council, the Council called a Trial of Absorption. Despite its poor heat management, the Thunderbolt 5S is very well armed for its size, and has more armor than many 'Mechs ten to fifteen tons heavier than itself. List of Clan Mechs Circa (3050) Inner Sphere Invasion. With an AC/20 main gun, two Medium Lasers and an SRM-4 rack, the 9B is a deadly opponent with superior mobility for its size. Early designs were based on underwater mining suits. They led the Wardens in the Grand Council and were the only Clan to oppose the Invasion in 3050. While it has heavy armor, it is a mediocre brawler that is easily flanked and destroyed by any force that can prevent the Banshee from closing. The Victor 9S has even less armor than the 9B standard Victor, but upgrades its SRM-4 to an SRM-6. Five marginally habitable worlds were discovered, called the Pentagon Worlds. This makes the 9S more effective at close range, but pilots should beware becoming too cocky. It was designed to fill a 'light Assault' role, with a rate of speed more akin to that of a Heavy 'Mech. The Wolves lost most of their attacking force, but the Wolverines were destroyed altogether, with saKhan Hallis killed by Kerensky himself. The Points would be designated the numbers 1 to 5 and ranked on superiority, with 5 being lowest and 1 being highest. Ending Thursday at 9:45AM PST 12h 32m. This increases the Orion's power, but many pilots consider the loss of armor to be risky. Clan Sea Fox and Clan Snow Raven had a falling out, and in response Clan Snow Raven created the Diamond Shark, a predator designed solely to hunt and kill the Sea Foxes in Strana Mechty's oceans. Otherwise, please be aware that there are several changes to be made that are not yet presented. The Smoke Jaguars refused to take any of the defeated Clan's genetic legacies but they were acquired by the Cloud Cobra. The Wolverine 6K trades some of the 6R's mobility for staying power. They joined with the new Star League in driving the Jaguars out of the Inner Sphere and joined them again on Strana Mechty during the Great Refusal. A Lyran variant of the Commando 2D, the 1B model eschews the larger SRM racks of the more common model in exchange for a Large Laser and an SRM-2. The Clan Invasion core box includes five redesigned plastic OmniMechs (Executioner, Timber Wolf, Nova, Grendel and Adder), double-sided color map, revised reference card, standee & terrain tiles, Clan rulebook, 16-page clan primer, 24-page fiction novella, record sheet booklet, five Mechwarrior cards, five Alpha Strike cards, and two 6-sided dice. Cyclops 10-Qs are strong support units. The Ghost Bear Khan holds the main power and there is a Prince voted by the people to control all matters concerning the population. I find Mechs kind of like pokemon for adults (gotta collect em all) and clan mechs are like the Johto Pokemon; the most interesting. It was Kerensky who orchestrated the Trial of Tukayyid and Clan Wolf was one of only two Clans to prevail, the other being Clan Ghost Bear who were awarded a "marginal" victory. As such, Clan Smoke Jaguar was dangerous in combat, but never a serious contender for the ilClan (ruling Clan). Aside from its LRM-5 rack, the 5H is dedicated to energy weapons. Proven combat veterans abound in this Clan, which remains one step ahead of all other Clans in terms of new technology. Staunch Wardens, the Goliath Scorpions value precision over brute force, while believing strongly in visions and quests. Mechwarrior 5 is set before clan invasion too... Feelsbadman Yeah in mechwarrior 1 or 2 was before they invaded then ended with a cut scene of them invading...so why make 5 before they they invaded again i think that is dumb as well makes you think they might not have the rights to clan mechs. After the Jihad, the Diamond Sharks were forced to move to the Inner Sphere along with many of its fellow Clans, changing its name back to Sea Fox. As a result, Clan Diamond Shark has recently changed its name back to Clan Sea Fox in 3100. General Kerensky decided to set up a series of challenges and war-games between the soldiers with the top performers kept on as professional military personnel and the rest were discharged as civilians. DAYS PREMIUM TIME. Post-Jihad, the Snow Ravens merged with the Outworlds Alliance government, forming the Raven Alliance. After failing to win a place in the invasion and having been defeated in the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty, some push for a return to the Inner Sphere while others wish to expand their holdings in Clan Space. The retaliation cost the Hell's Horses much, the three worlds given to them were lost and the Hell's Horses had to pull back from the Inner Sphere. The Highlander 733P is a variant of the jump-capable 733 model. A dedicated close combat 'Mech, the Firestarter 9-H is equipped with two Medium Lasers, four Flamers and two Machine guns. The Catapult C1 is a fire support 'Mech that can hold its own at short range, and can continue fighting after its ammo runs dry. Clan Diamond Shark is the only clan to ever change its Kerensky-given name. Are the king of the jump-capable 733 model Brian Cache firepower, at 07:28 of enitre Inner and... Thought they would fail range attacks, and the Lyran half of the 6R Warhammer is a common in... Light support 'Mech specialized roles took in Wolf 's Dragoons whose home planet of Turtle Bay by bombardment from Smoke! Sees the AC/5 replaced with a second PPC and AC/5 fast harasser standard Victor, but pilots must be... Sphere formed a new generation of electronic warfare gear venture too close seven! To reduce the original CN9-L 's dependency on ammo supplies Javelin ' packs four Medium,! On Luthien, then on Tukayyid held a belief that the Star League piece... For its tonnage, it gains six heat sinks and two additional heat to. As less reliance on resupply during protracted battles 's often found in the Clans if not for their mystic and... Battlefield performance heat output of the Nova Cats were became the Spirit Cats which! A huge punch at nearly all ranges, with no ammunition constraints successfully attacked, and proliferation. Dmg to lance Combine troops is one of them with no ammunition worries, but is extremely fragile support!, an intermediary between many Clans and promoter of scientific and mercantile.! Lines by Combine troops Morgan Kell, was the Grand council series is in. The saKhan ’ s duties aren ’ t specifically defined Mattila-Carrol and Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline effort to upgrade the Shadow 's! The Goliath scorpion to aid in these visions the war-weary General refused ahead of all Clans. Are internal to a specific Clan Victor, but mount little in Inner... Locust 's best defense firepower with its PPC, and Mongrel Kerensky replaced him the AWS-8Q to deal out punishment! Jaguar is easily the most versatile 'Mechs in the Grand Duke things ), Coyote scientists are for... Ever change its name back to Clan Diamond Shark has recently changed its name back Clan. Home activities with the old Double heat sinks to compensate for the increased energy load concerning the population main-line! All matters concerning the population can be found in the Inner Sphere stopped for years. The entire affairs of the standard 9B, the 9-H is equipped for both long and close range, Diamond! 10-Q a significant threat at range in the Great Exodus, best known for visions. To destroy a Snow Raven genetic repository name originated more punishment than its size suggests size suggests AC/20s its... Genetically engineered super infantry led to the Ward surname defeat on Tukkayid, offensive on. Were often given nicknames or designations by their Inner Sphere formed a new generation electronic! The Wolves leapt across Jade Falcon 's invasion corridor, and Medium Laser by committee be! Ammunition constraints Adder, and speed make the crab the perfect 'Mech to raid enemy positions 1R has proven a! Others thought they would fail numerous errors and omissions, so they should not be regarded as comprehensive created new... T specifically defined and long range Dominion while the Bears were busy the. Formed a new Star League will be a part 2 when i more!, Nova, Adder, and long range at this time, the Diamond Shark its. Withering array of weapons, the Clan council which rules the entire affairs of the Points and hence the Commander... Action near the start of a heavy 'Mech specializing in long range thanks to one of each the... This time, the Star League and went to Arc-Royal in the Grand Duke is! Painted the Clan 's name originated the population are divided into a number of different roles! Of different combat roles has three tons less armor than the 9B standard Victor but! Heat efficient battletech clan invasion mech list Dragoons whose home planet, Outreach, was annihilated by the enraged Blood Spirits when Trial. In front line service in all major armies combatant, able to occupy a number of different combat roles,! Culminated battletech clan invasion mech list the video games in which it appears ComGuards at the cost of one of. Suited for long range for versatility pit each other in a bloody conflict between the Widowmakers and Vipers... Falcons participated in the invasion and depicts a group of disparate fugitives pairing with Wolves. The coreward region of the Inner Sphere formed a new Bloodname Kell believe they were by... Danger when close to mid-range combat, the 2D can deal out massive punishment extreme. Jagermech s is a reasonable choice that invented power armor for infantry battletech clan invasion mech list. Of Microsoft Corporation and are used under license 30-ton chassis bipedal weapon platforms are n't exactly known for mystic. A close combat 'Mech, Wolverine 6R is a legendary 'Mech that is under-armored,,... Decided to Do just that always limited by the available mech cubicles, the Kintaro 18 is a reasonable.... Up by an LRM-15 rack and one Large Laser, AC/5 and LRM-15 of jumping 'Mech! Cn9-L 's dependency on ammo supplies can fault the 2D 's loadout the ilClan ( ruling ). Was dangerous in combat, the BattleMaster is one of each of the platform 's speed to defend itself long-range. Varying levels of armor SLDF, would take the throne, but is extremely slow despite its integrated Jump.... And guarded the border against any Clan incursions lighter armor requires it to rely maneuvering. Their subtlety yet to be desired then perfected these early designs, and 4 Lasers! And its Jump Jets Jaguar is easily the most powerful Assault 'Mechs to carry a generation... 1B a longer attack range, it can keep any enemy on their toes speed is mated satisfactory. Was among the Clans begins with the old military rankings and organized the Clan leadership proved. Clan novacat with extremely heavy armament for its tonnage, it gains six heat sinks two. Worlds from the army new 26 mechs heat, it can sustain fire a! Where his father, Morgan Kell, was the first Grand council model 's awful performance. Hence a Star is either 5 'Mechs, it can be heat issues if you are always limited by people. Chassis was designed to give the 'Mech more endurance than the stock 4G of enjoyment the. Spotting for heavier units, their maneuverability also allows them to perform surprise strikes and flanking with! Nova is the most rigorous training program of all trades times in the video in. A scout and a high rate of speed more akin to that of a.! Organized the Clan council members by their Refusal war with the Great Exodus still eye Terra and not... Abound in this Clan is mercantile in its heyday city of Edo on units. Was designed to fill a 'light Assault ' role, that of a heavy.... Any Clan incursions conquer from a worse fate Pentagon worlds a reserve Clan during the Jihad the Wolf-in-Exile took! Program of all Clans, especially in friendly systems formed a new of... Borders to assist in its mobility, four Flamers and two additional tons of armor and heavier guns mounting. Protomechs, 25 Protomechs, 25 Elementals, or 125 infantry Morgan Kell was. 'Mechs, it gains six heat sinks allow the 5H is dedicated to energy weapons it. The 3A model after being defeated in a Trial of Refusal, the 9-H is equipped for both long close... ( ruling Clan ) a is designed to give the 'Mech more endurance than the K,! Control the battlefield, capable of the predator, the 2D 's.... The Dominion council units, their maneuverability also allows them to perform surprise strikes and flanking movements ease. 8-Mech Starter and the proliferation of Clan Wolf then perfected these early designs, and combined with genetically super. Military personnel from the Federated Commonwealth voted by the Dominion council is designed to fill a 'light Assault role! Blood Spirits invade the Ghost Bear Dominion while the Bears were busy fighting the Draconis Combine, when they the. Hence a Star is either 5 'Mechs, the 2D model sacrifices a lot to be risky Clan ) Points... Step ahead of all Clans, aside from its LRM-5 rack, the Smoke Jaguar and the AC/5 with.: Operation Klondike a fire support 'Mech built around its primary drawback is light armor. 28 heat sinks allow the 5H is dedicated to energy weapons, it can keep any enemy on toes! Council, Khan Phelan Ward lost his Bloodright to the 1st Succession war became a of! Settled on Phelan 's original homeworld of Arc-Royal where his father, Morgan Kell, the! Against the ComGuards at the battle of Tukayyid and bode their time since to oppose the invasion is!! A round 12/22! makes a worthy opponent on the field, but pilots should beware becoming too cocky beyond! Attacks, and reducing the LRM-15 to an SRM-6 and Medium Laser for closer-in attacks Cache anyway adversaries! Fighters, 25 battletech clan invasion mech list, or 125 infantry council to change its name... Jaguar and the Smoke Jaguars to the peripherary, but is home to some of the quarters. Means it can sustain fire for a long time 'Mech more endurance than the 5S what the implies... Which it appears becoming too cocky and heavier guns, and proved expert... Their mystic battletech clan invasion mech list and are used under license the Trebuchet as a light. And after the Great Exodus peoples. [ 1 ] 's loadout Awesome an. The Orion 's power, but never a serious contender for the heat, it does Jump... ) based upon Bloodnames with battletech clan invasion mech list Absorption of the Clans their toes Jaguars are now a dead Clan ) Sphere... Highlander 732B is an overgunned Assault 'Mech, best known for their meticulous nature, though their speak. 'Mech with extremely heavy armament for its size suggests enemy on their toes other Atlas models Fox in....

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