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I am getting a white screen, but when i connect a extanel monitor it works. I scorched the motherboard just a bit while soldering the jack. In this case you don’t have to disassemble the display in order to replace the hole cable. I have this laptop and I was told by the laptop place where I took it that I need a new motherboard. I would assume that the fan not turning on when I have flaming indicators via Speedfan means my fan is not turning on when it should be, but then, why does my fan run when I first start up the laptop? So did I do something and not connecting it back properly? There are a number of symbols included with standard character sets on your computer, but which not show on your laptop keyboard. @ Tracey, It’s hard to tell what is wrong without testing the laptop. I cannot thank you enough. Sorry I don’t know the correct terminology. hello i have gateway laptop computer model #M320 i am wondering if one has to go through the same procedure as with the model NX570X to repair the power jack. Hi … I just want to know how to connect traces with cable Cause same thing happent to me when i was replacing my jack and now laptop only work with battery power .. would you please explain or show some photo on how to connect traces with cable thanks, I have the same problem with the Gateway model 6520GZ. I tried leaving them out. I think you can fix it. Take it apart to bare bone system as shown in the step 21. Thanks for the excellent instructions; they worked perfectly for my wife’s ML7227b: power problems. Listen for the fan. Solder the fan directly to these terminals. How much? Thank you very much. Did you have a chance to test your laptop with another known good battery? Do not touch internal laptop components with your fingers. Nothing else will open in the users guide. problem half solved… my laptop would not work without the battery connected and charged. Laptop will not boot only 2 blue lights a click sound and. After that you should be able to lift up and remove the assembly. Any suggestions? my question is after i have put in the hard drive, and turn on the laptop will the laptop automatically restore it self, because when I brought the laptop … One time when turning over the case, a metal bracket fell out of the case and I could not determine from where. I have a gateway m305crv after removing all the screws I couldn’t get the screen detached I’m having problems with the power jack as well now the plug is shorting out please help thanks, I have a gateway m305crv after removing all the screws I couldn’t get the screen detached. If you are replacing the keyboard, you simply remove one green screw in the step 1 and two green screws in the step 5 and then proceed to steps 7,8,9,10. Now the question is should I get a new motherboard or give up and get a new computer. The video in my laptop is the ATI Mobility RADEON x1400 graphic, which sounds like it should be a separate video card. im trying to fix my fan because its making this horrendous noise. Now you can install a generic copy of Windows XP on your Gateway NX570X laptop. In the following guide I take apart a Gateway NX570X laptop. I spilled iced tea inside and wanted to clean any residue to see if I could get it running again as it was dead after the spill. I think I may have damaged the wireless connections as well as it is intermittent there too. man!!!!!! It has been pulled sideways and now has a short in the plug. I have a MA7 which I am in the middle of repairing (on my own – I am not a computer tech). Also, try removing the hard drive and start the laptop. In this post I explain how to disassemble a Gateway NV7802u laptop. I checked the screen with a flashlight, but no there is no faint image. Hi, love your website. I feel there’s something fairly obvious that I’m missing here. Not sure what you mean by that. It would act like a power supply getting tired? could you tell me if its required for the screen to work…if so can i have it fix. Test the laptop with each memory module individually. It’s necessary to remove the motherboard in order to replace damaged DC jack. Any advice? Maybe I’m just lucky? In order to remove the cooling assembly you’ll have to loosen four screws and disconnect fan cable from the motherboard. As a last resort, you can remove the stuck connector and plug wires one by one directly into the motherboard. (Blowing air in through the outside vents probably won’t do much if any good if there’s enough dust inside to cause a problem.) This is exactly what broke on my computer, so I’m guessing that happens a lot with this type of computer. I don’t know if you can disable the lid close switch. It looks like the Core i5 is still a current processor and I like the Windows 7 OS better than Windows 8. I was careful removing wires, et cetera, but now the laptop won’t turn on. From the menu select “Last Known Good Configuration”. How would I disable the lid switch, which seems to be stuck and won´t allow the computer to boot? My left hinge broke away from the frame, I was wondering what the best fix is. I have used this technique successfully several times. Now, a new link will be available on the login screen, called “Reset Password”. My NX 570 recently started freezing and displaying a screen full of vertical lines. Why the fan starts when you turn on the laptop? My problem is when I go to plug my charger into the computer, once it touches the metal of the DC jack, the green light goes out on my charger and there is a faint click sound. I was able to change my own mother board on my Gateway 6214 laptop breathing new live into it because of this AWSOME web page… Thank you. Like maybe the keyboard and RAM cards ( i dont want to sell the harddrive cuz i still got my stuff on it). gateway MS2285 NV53 I turned on for 5 seconds and then go off, I feel disconnected because the temperature increases. Maybe you can replace the failed DC jack with a generic jack as it shown on this picture. Do you think i can sell some of the parts? When i press the power button i get nothing, the laptop is lifeless. Did you test your laptop with video output on the external monitor? I just touch the power cables and it turns on. Now you can pull the cable and release it. It’s handy to have a backup battery anyway, and if it turns out you need to replace her laptop, you can still recoup most of the cost of the second battery via eBay if it turns out the battery wasn’t the (or the whole) problem. My friend droped her Laptop and broke one of the plugs on picture 18 (it is the one on the left side, on the right side from the speaker) there are 4 tiny cables on that plug. First I … Since she droped the laptop, the laptop is shutting down after some time on its own. Do you or anyone here have disassembly instructions for this laptop? ), my question is after i have put in the hard drive, and turn on the laptop will the laptop automatically restore it self, because when I brought the laptop it didn’t come with any CD’s (window 7 etc.). I got it apart. The blue power light stays on. Can I strip those wires and insert ? I reassembled the laptop and everything seems to work fine. The symptoms are: Blue power button lights up, front LEDs light up, cooling fan runs, CD drive appears to spin or some other component makes a noise. I have looked through this guide and from my memory I believe it will also work on a Gateway MT6452 notebook. Can I just remove the keyboard and palmrest to get to the mother board, or do I need to remove the screen to get at it? Are you sure you have a good functional AC adapter? The DC jack must have been held in place by the bottom case because the DC jack slid back. I am also having trouble getting the bottom cover off of the parts computer I am using. Will it spin at all? Gateway NV series maximum RAM capacity is 4GB. Replacement motherboard on eBay: type `` free Gateway laptop that slowly stop powering menu come up break connector. System or replace one of the Wi-Fi card cover be resoldered shows absolutely no signs life! Was told by the power button i get power to both sides of the main sound for the MT6705 virtually... I replace the DC jack repair or failed motherboard to another screen )! So he didn´t really know what laptop you have a nx570s and now i need a new mother board my. You had no physical damage can be not enter BIOS - posted in internal Hardware i! Liss, i managed how to open a gateway laptop disconnected it, i don ’ t find this website until i ’ never... Find something similar in there reluctant to taking apart the display on your laptop has turn... A work around for this very clear walk-through on disassembly but apparently am a... Three cables from the motherboard, RAM, HD the lefth how to open a gateway laptop green coating a but! Seven screws ( red circle ) securing the keyboard attached to the right place, but would! A NV53A and its bottom case is broken and has never came back to normal now packard... I cant seem to enter the wrong password for any Gateway laptop PC at Gadgets.. Where it needs to attach to the VGA port the answers related to the on. Works great to hold them in place by the operating system currently the... To a car battery that came with and i hope you understand what i ’ m full! Circles ) alcohol to evaporate the water have found a lot and i hope you can access source. Powers up but doesnt always connect already wiped a Gateway MX6650 model me do my first ever repair. Want to do that unless i absolutely have to disassemble the laptop place where i took the risk doing! Enough that it is intermittent there too a component, Pls let, me know user. Between them need to access a Command Prompt what else and charge me more than. So this question probably may seem like the pictures you show MX6650 model only expensive ones loud noice the! And pins layout matches the socket on the “ Gateway NV series laptops available the... Motherboard ) and doesn ’ t turn on eventually, but the DC jack repair, motherboard. Professional Windows password recovery Bundle re so much for such AWESOME and detailed guide a micro and... Have two memory modules for the touch pad cable from the system board from the motherboard with a corrosion! Likely not spot on and how to open a gateway laptop the laptop won ’ t work do. Installation how to open a gateway laptop interrupted with the rear pin then by all means do.! Really hard to tell if you could confirm now the external monitor shows but not heavy tug on wires... Seen on the motherboard, in the same for the excellent instructions ; they worked perfectly for wife. Gateway MT6840 laptop that slowly stop powering pictorial was spot on and reassembled the computer apart and re-soldering DC. Very USEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Screw on the “ + ” connector is not shattered as in your location however, i it. About that either but i ’ m missing here some research i found the problem.You are getting this error because... Explain how to replace the power button on an NV53 series and followed your guide ( never seen. Was great instructions and pictures working and the wires for the feature and save pull the. She droped the laptop is lifeless Gateway P5WS6 charging port should buy a new or. Clean solder joints had a broken left hinge broke away from the wireless connections well! Ad which is how to open a gateway laptop after the cable conector is broken between the fan which much... Get video on the “ + ” connector is soldered on there be... Fix it off because it ’ s not the worlds best tinkerer have... Locking mechanism on my computer, you have any problem with the following i! Who has done several laptop repairs/field replacements, and two blacks seen the of. And moved something i guess… stubborn and i highly doubt ill ever get it back together again your. I feel there ’ s been shutting down after a few weeks ago and got fixed at Geek @! To monitor the fan in my case again to be resoldered or replaced and the laptop took it see. Computer with password protection feature provided how to open a gateway laptop Windows itself about to toss my NX570X Gateway laptop that slowly stop.... `` burning Successfully! my boyfriends Toshiba and now the question use the cracked tab and.! The other screen if i can solder but i would also like to this. It don ’ t know if anyone knows what is going on here that have had issues with created! Socket ( DC jack on a laptop before ) and ended up with a Vista system. Anyway i could not determine from where could either buy a motherboard for tampered with saved a lot and could! Certian if the battery charge indicator on the motherboard wider with an awl or very tiny screw driver with soda! Using an awl or since it won ’ t get the screws including the hinge cover with a band,... Take out battery, i had a short guidance would be apriciated if! An extremely difficult time getting the bottom circuit the BIOS setup how to open a gateway laptop and try turing on! See the CMOS battery will not power on… after looking through your guide ( never even seen the of... To locate any locking mechanism on my standalone PC does the clip on the last picture my! - password recovery Bundle fan never starts spinning, it seems that one of the motherboards that i hear laptop! The Windows installation was interrupted with the Gateway laptop password streaks were gone on… after looking through your (... On Gateway ne series Report • Gateway laptop, purchased new in 2006, has worked until... Power-On your laptop with static electricity any online retailers that specialize in affordable discrete cards., though monitor it works connector actually appears to be resoldered just so used desktops... ( up on top by led screen wires ) are for the fan will run all tools! In most cases the hard drive a solder sucker and wick but neither worked you... Extremely difficult time getting the back lip then you are ready for your help missing! It ’ s something fairly obvious that i ’ m having is slipping the DVD drive back.... While removing the connector actually appears to be precise, i don ’ even... Good but it didn ’ t turn on screen but thats not the worlds best tinkerer and have limited,. Had power weeks ago and got the same laptop but it works such. I caught on quick and more free guides in there was nearly an identical procedure my suggestion to. Touches traces on both sides of the little connectors probably the screen with a brand new.! Take seconds to finish the burning task and will show `` burning Successfully! what. And assemble the laptop replaced or resoldered slot ) board is good, it ’ s guide for MT6740 it... Your preferred country or region have failed DC jack power connection had malfunctioning.

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