Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Development



Africa Inland Child and Community agency for Development (AICCAD) is implanting Global Fund for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in Siaya County, sub counties of Ugunja and Ugenya. The project is implemented using the Community Health Strategy through 8 health facilities.  The project is Implementing HIV Prevention programme that covers three modules namely:

Module 1: HIV prevention that targets Adolescents and young people with HIV Counselling and testing services (HTS).

Module 5: Prevention of Mother to child HIV transmission (PMTCT) that targets Pregnant and lactating mothers through promotion of 4 ANC Clinic visits and Skilled delivery. This mainly involves follow up and referral of ANC/PMTCT clients.

Module 6: Care, treatment and support for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). This involves promotion of ART adherence through follow up and referral of defaulting clients and newly enrolled PLHIVs clients.

Our strategy is to reach adolescents and youths through outreaches and sports forum including video rooms and home visits (Door to door).


The project has been implemented for exactly one year from July 2016 to date. Our impacts are as follows:

  • We have reached 10,135 adolescents and youths (out of a target of 12,000 by Dec 2017 -84.5%) with HTS services and effectively LINKED 33 HIV+ clients for care treatment and support. 4 HIV+ Clients were not successfully linked. Follow up is ongoing to find them and ensure they are linked.
  • We have reached 70.5% of the ART defaulters and Newly Enrolled PLHIVs through follow up and referral (we reached 705 against Target is 1000 by Dec 2017).
  • We have reached 900 Caregivers and family members of PLHIV cohort tested and know their results by May 2017 (INDEX Testing).
  • We have followed and referred 221 pregnant women for 4 ANC clinic visits by May 2017 out of a target of 100 clients. We surpassed the target.
  • We have followed and referred 44 ANC/PMTCT mothers who delivered at Health facilities in the last one year (Target is 100 by Dec 2017).
  • We have followed and referred 70 highly Exposed Infants (HEI) for Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) by May 2017. Target is 38 HEI Clients by December 2017.