Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Development


Child Centered Community Development (CCCD) was initiated upon need for a shift from individual child sponsorship approach to community empowerment approach that addresses the root causes of challenges faced by children and the youth at family level. In the recent past, the organization has adapted a child friendly approach whereby children and youth are supported from their homes through empowerment of their families. This is done through a Child Centered Community Development (CCCD) model. 

This approach seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to effect change in their environment. The program targets the vulnerable children and youth from low income households by empowering their care givers with skills that enable them to increase income for the well being of the child.  Through child centered community development programming the organization seeks to meet the holistic needs of children that include their rights.

AICCAD uses Self Help Group (SHG) approach in implementing CCCD program so as to ensure that the most vulnerable members of communities are brought into the program. The SHG Approach has been adopted to address the inclusion of the poorest of the poor into development programme. The self help group approach goes beyond this by building capacity in terms of social, economic and leadership interaction of the target group. Finally it provides a framework and guidance for establishing people's institutions (PI). The Self Help Group approach is introduced as a holistic approach for poverty alleviation. Its focus on attitudinal change remains central in all program phases. Material well being goes along with social and leadership development that would lead to empowerment which is the program main objective. The SHG approach complies with the Child Rights Approach, as it helps to create conditions which enable poor people to understand their rights and to actively participate in shaping their futures.


Tamu cccd programme have children groups which meet on weekly basis on Saturday. On this day children take a break from the daily routine work from school and home .In the children club they are nurtured in different ways such as playing ,spiritual nourishment, artwork , talent shows and many others.  A part from normal group activities children also attend  other children related national /international events like World orphans day, Day of an African Child and Hand washing day. The children clubs have tree nursery projects that enable them to learn more environmental issues climate change inclusive.