Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Development

Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Development (AICCAD) is a faith Based Organization under Africa inland church whose mandate is to provide services to vulnerable children and youth in the community. The department was initiated in 1975 and opened doors to children in one of its first children’s home in 1976. Over the years, the organization has been able to address various needs of children and youth through 4 main programs; institution care (Children homes), the Child Centered Community Development Program (CCCD), the Technical and Vocational Education Training Programme (TVET) and the Food Security Program (FNS).The overall organization is run by a board of directors and program management team comprised of a Director, financial controller, program coordinator and several program managers. Meanwhile the implementation teams manage day to day program guidance and functions that ensures compliance to project requirements and coordination.The organization’s work is spread in the different parts of the country, mainly Eastern region, Rift Valley, Nyanza, Central and Nairobi.

AICCAD’s main donor has been REED EN KIND (Help A Child Based in Netherlands) REK has supported AICCAD forclose to 40 years. The organization through the rescue homes program which were intialy 19 have supported a total of over 10,000 orphans and vulnerable children.

The Technical Vocational and Education training has so far reached a total of over 11500 youth imparting to them various skills and transforming their lives.

AICCAD’s annual budget currently is Ksh 180m. The organization also raises the above budget from income generating activies at the training centers and Children’s rescue centers.



The organization has also partnered with INGOs like World Vision in Narok to support communites in value addition of their livestock products eg milk, honey and green house produce.

The Government of Kenya through a street rehailitation program has also supported the children’s home in Narok to implement a street families rehabilitation program through a grant of Ksh 3.6m. Various small projects have also been supported by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.


—  AICCAD has a vision to be: “A life-transforming   Christian Development Agency that gives hope and a  future to vulnerable groups of the society for God’s  glory”.


—         AICCAD mission is “to share the love of Christ by  empowering vulnerable groups of the society through partnerships and sustainable programs for growth and development”.

Core Values

1. Christian values

2. Integrity and Honesty

3. Team work

4. Partnerships

5. Love and respect for one another

6. Transparency and Accountability

7. Professionalism

8. Empathy