Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Development

He has been a student at Kima Technical College in the 2011-2012. He did a course of Electrical installation and graduated in 2012 with grade 3 and 2 certificate. The college offers grade 3 but we encouraged him to do grade 2 for better chance of job opportunity and in 2014 he registered for grade 2 certificate, which he did and passed well. This has enabled him to be employed as an instructor at Enzai technical training institute. He is a total orphan who stays with his old grandparents. He has 2 elder siblings. He earns 6,000 shillings per month which he is able to cater for his needs and assist his grandparents as well. After his form 4 educations, he was not able to join a college due to financial problems at home, but when he joined Kima under TVET programme he was able to become who he is today, and appreciates so much for the sponsorship. He says he will do enough savings and start his own electrical/electronic business for more income.

Touching Lives
Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Development (AICCAD) is a faith Based Organization under Africa inland church whose mandate is to provide services to vulnerable children and youth in the community. The department was initiated in 1975 and opened doors to children in one of its first children’s home in 1976. Over the years


Sustainable Dev Goals


  • Institution care (Children homes)
  • Child Centered Community Development  Program (CCCD)
  • Technical and Vocational Education Training Programme (TVET)
  • Food Security Program (FNS)


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